November 24, 2013
STS enters into a long term
strategic relationship with
the University of Oklahoma.
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August 28, 2013
The 2m CPPAR enters field
trials at Tinker AFB in Moore,
Oklahoma. 180 deg sector
has been populated, aligned
and is ready for calibration
and full power testing.
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January 15, 2013
STS receives year long study
contract from the University
of Oklahoma to help them
evaluate radar site locations
near Norman, Ok
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Nov. 15, 2012
STS delivers to the Advanced
Radar Research Center a new
state of the art mobile circular
phased array weather radar
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Oct. 18, 2012
STS completes the load testing
of their new state of the art
tri-core servo control system.
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Oct. 14, 2012
STS proves the tactical value
of using high end night vision
contrasting imagers.
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Oct. 12, 2012
STS successfully deploys their broadcasting network
into the Florida Everglades.
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Oct. 12, 2011
STS launches expedition into
the Florida Everglades
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Jan. 22, 2011
STS delivers the first of its
kind liquid cooled POD32-48
positioning system.
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Foliage Wrap launches to rave
revues. See more...
W3BS Is fully operational!
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Welcome to Schmidt Technical Services, Inc.

Damon Schmidt
President and Founder
  Schmidt Technical Services, Inc. is a full service 'Product Centric'
design and engineering company providing cutting edge mechanical,
electrical, software and manufacturing engineering services, no matter
where you are or we are in the world.

  Our President and Founder is Damon Schmidt a Senior Principal
Engineer with over 30 years of electromechanical systems develop-
ment experience. Damon has used his world wide experience to organ-
ize a unique network of top notch engineers and other professionals he
has cultivated and mentored throughout his career.
With these well organized and seasoned specialists, the STS
Professional Network offers years of knowledge and expertise adding
value and quality to any project and organization, at a fraction of what it
would cost to build and maintain a staff of this caliber.

 Our unique team of talented professionals allows us a wide range of
product development capabilities and ridiculously fast time to market.
From the very high tech like CPPAR antennas and our new
mobile broadcasting system. (see , to the very low tech,
like Foliage Wrap, a
simple, ingenious solution to the age old problem
of protecting plants from frost and freeze.

 Customers both large and small instantly recognize they have the
ultimate diverse extension for their existing Engineering Departments.

  Thoughts From the Founder
2007: The answer to solving America's economic challenges for decades to come is through 'responsible' lean
American innovation and an urgency to drive what we have to market quickly.
America must get back to an age
where from invention to innovation took 6 months.

2010: America must grow organically doing a better job at using small business as the primary engine to generate
that growth. Not providing to small business the legal and underwriting protection mechanisms necessary to
reasonably participate in big business initiatives is limiting America's potential.

2014: America is undergoing an unbelievable evolution in severe weather detection and air traffic control
for combined multi-mission radars, as a result of the MPAR phased array radar initiatives being spear
headed by NOAA and the FAA. STS is eternally grateful to be at the center of both the CPPAR phased array
evolution being led by The University of Oklahoma and the technology which is driving the mobile x-band radar
evolution being led by small, private companies like STS.

 The STS Network Innovation Zone