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November 24, 2013:

  “STS enters into a long term strategic relationship with the University of Oklahoma – RIL acting as an on-going small business contributor and liaison for all things OU. This relationship has grown from our common interest for the success of the EDGE grant initiatives, which spawn the EEC Ranger radar, to a high level of mutual respect and trust now leading the next great evolution in severe storm detection technology via the MPAR program.”


August 28, 2013:
“The 2m CPPAR enters field trials at Tinker AFB in Moore, Oklahoma. 180 deg sector has been populated, aligned and is ready for calibration and full power testing. This milestone marks
the next huge step in proving the operational benefits of this

awesome system. The integration team at the RIL/NSSL/NOAA did a fantastic job. The rack mounted systems are amazing. The open architecture arrangement for easy access to the T/R chassis assemblies at either end seems to be proving to be well worth the investment. This is the largest, most sophisticated round phased radar in the world.”

January 15, 2013:
  “STS receives year long study contract from the University of Oklahoma to help them evaluate radar site locations near Norman, Ok suitable to accommodate a ‘full scale’ CPPAR ranging in size from 6-12m in diameter.

A primary objective of the study was to devise a series of options for the radiator LRU module architecture. The design of the Tx/Rx module packaged in a robust maintainable array LRU, which can be properly cooled, is the key to the successful ‘full-scale’ deployment of high power S-Band multi-mode solid state radars. This collaboration revealed some exciting options for how multi-functional radar architecture can be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of concurrent research/private sector endeavors occurring simultaneously all from one common site supported infrastructure.

  Nov. 15, 2012
“STS delivers to the Advanced Radar Research Center a new state of the art mobile circular
phased array weather radar system. The system adopts a tactical modular approach to weather
radar equipment deployment. Combining structural symmetry and the light weight benefit of
aluminum with USMC derived tactical air suspension technology, allows the array and its
delicate rack systems to be deployed without damage or degradation. This 96-sided antenna
fabrication recipe was designed and developed as a cost effective, very precise and maintain-
able platform.”
Oct. 18, 2012:
“STS completes the load testing of their new state of the art tri-core servo
control system. This testing culminates nearly a decade of STS investment
into the development of a Texas Instrument based multi-core servo system.
The STS tri-core system provides a RTOS operating platform for the TI
Concerto dual core micro controller and the flexibility of a third FPGA core
for system I/O interconnection versatility.”
Oct 14, 2012
“STS proves the tactical value of using high end night vision contrasting imagers to effectively find and assist in the capture
of non-indigenous species in the Everglades. The STS network supports the WIFI back bone for a vast network of
interconnected environmental e-sensors and advanced vision systems. The Sentinel nodal network allows for tactical mobility
deployment and maintenance support.”

  Oct. 12, 2012
“STS successfully deploys their W broadcasting network into the Florida Everglades.
The ability to effectively broadcast complex data and day/night vision sensing streams over
a vast area is definitely possible. The STS Sentinel systems provide a cost effective, zero
impact, and carbon neutral tactical grade communication technology into an environment
which desperately needs it. The Sentinel nodal network is able to cascade over a vast area

> and provide a long haul back bone into a bandwidth available provider ground entry point
location. The ability to manage these precious resources 24/7 live using a network driven
sensor fusion approach has arrived. ”
  Oct. 12, 2011
“STS launches expedition into the Florida Everglades to evaluate the possibility of deploying
their Sentinel mobile WIFI network into this environment as an invaluable tool for actively
managing an ever growing complex eco system.STS believes the technology to economically
support a live tactical management system for the protection of our most precious resources
is here and intends to prove it. ”
  Jan. 22, 2011
“STS delivers the first of its kind liquid cooled POD32-48 positioning system as part of the State
of Oklahoma’s EDGE low cost X-band weather radar program requirements. Working in cooperation
with EEC and the Advanced Radar Research Center at the University of Oklahoma, the STS Power
on Demand (POD) legacy technology advances extreme operation weather radar performance to a
new tactical grade capability. The EEC SRD-100X (STS POD32-T-48) system variant debuts at the
92th annual AMS show in New Orleans. ”
Foliage Wrap, a revolutionary
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W3BS announced that it's new
High Def Axis Camera is online
with more coming soon.... 

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